Despite being father and son, Tom and Greg Strohman are each unique musicians in their own right. For decades Tom Strohman has played saxophone, clarinet, flute, and keyboard in many jazz and commercial music settings, while Greg Strohman has performed as a trombonist and pianist in primarily classical music environments.

Both Tom and Greg have been known to branch out into many other musical genres over the years. However, it was not until the summer of 2009 that they decided to take on the challenge of collaborating together in an extensive way. At first it certainly was a challenge. Jazz musicians improvise extensively throughout their performances, while classical musicians are known to meticulously plan everything out ahead of time. As a result, Tom and Greg had to grow and branch out to meet each other halfway. Over time they were able to combine these two approaches into something truly unique and exciting: tgDivergence.

tgDivergence represents the intersection of many genres of music, played on many instruments, spanning many eras, and performed in many environments as imagined by just two people. We believe that great music transcends all of these labels and attempts at categorization. tgDivergence performs for a diverse audience of all ages and musical tastes. Great music is loud and soft, fast and slow, smooth and angular—but above all else, never without meaning or intention.

Musicians and bands are too often bound by labels. We refuse to accept that. As our slogan says, “from Bach to Ellington to the Beatles and so much more…”

Due to our backgrounds as multifaceted musicians and educators, tgDivergence is always looking to bring our music to new and exciting venues and functions. We are equally happy to perform in recital, for educational outreach, as entertainment, at special ceremonies, and just about anything else you or we can imagine.

Though we often perform as a duo, we are always excited for the opportunity to invite and incorporate special guests into the mix of what we do. While Tom’s background as a jazz musician and Greg’s background as a classical musician have made these two musical genres central to what we do, but we are always thrilled to explore other genres as well. All music shares one thing in common—it deserves to be respected, appreciated, and performed to the best of our ability.

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