Of Peace on Earth, by Greg Strohman
Sherie Strohman, flute and clarinet
Tom Strohman, flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet
Greg Strohman, trombone and piano

Angels, by Greg Strohman
Tom Strohman, flutes
Sherie Strohman, flutes and photography
Greg Strohman, trombones and piano

Saints, by Tom and Greg Strohman
Tom Strohman, flutes, clarinets, and saxophones
Greg Strohman, trombones, pianos, and synthesized bass

Jitterbug Waltz, by Fats Waller
Tom Strohman, flute
Steve Rudolph, piano

TC’s Tune, by Steve Rudolph
Tom Strohman, tenor saxophone
Steve Rudolph, piano
Steve Varner, bass
Bill Goodwin, drums

Homage, by Greg Strohman
Tom Strohman, flute
Greg Strohman, piano

Celebrating 40 Years: An Anthology, by Third Stream
Tom Strohman, woodwinds and keyboards
Jim Miller, acoustic and electric bass
Phil DeAngelis, guitar and synthesizer
Jim Easton, guitar
Tom Albert, drums
John Peifer, drums

Celebrating 40 Years: An Anthology is available for download or streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and CD Baby.

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